Hi, my name is Banu Hantal. 

I'm a psychologist specialized in Performance and Leadership.


I help Executives Improve 

Leadership Effectiveness and Wellbeing

through Neuroscience-Based Executive Coaching

and Tailored Intensives.

 Clients include...







Root Cause



“Banu provided empathetic support and advice for key issues facing me in my role as CEO. She has developed techniques that ranged from negotiating to sell the company under a very difficult and personally stressful situation.


Being a CEO brings its own unique personal and business/financial stresses. Banu has provided an understanding of these that also involved a better understanding of myself. I recommend Banu to provide advice and support to other CEOs."


Joe Q Howieson

CEO @ Global First Power

“I started working with Banu during a very difficult time in my entrepreneurial journey - a large downsizing and restructuring of our business.


Banu's guidance, coaching, and compassion helped me bounce back and thrive as a leader, and more importantly - a more well-rounded person outside of work.


I appreciate how Banu provides a perfect balance of direct feedback and practical exercises mixed with enough space for you to reflect on your own."


Brendon Sedo

CEO/Co-Founder @ Joist

 "When Banu talks, I listen. I interviewed quite a few executive coaches and it didn’t take long into our first call to ascertain that Banu had something truly unique.


She uses this understanding and deep passion for the “why’s” and “how’s” of our brains to dive deep and shift perspectives through teaching, not telling. These teachings and the care and piercing intellect with which she delivers them continues to deeply shift the way in which I conduct myself as a CEO. I wish all students had teachers as intelligent, knowledgable, caring and passionate as Banu!"


Aza Steel

CEO/ Co-Founder @GoGuardian

Joeseph Pulford

VP of Finance&Strategy @West Marine

Coronavirus  Update:

 The risks and opportunities of this crisis will test every leaders creative problem solving and execution skills. The decisions made today will change the future of your company.


That’s why for a limited time I’m open to working with you in a free strategy session

if you meet the criteria.


This strategy session will take around 45 minutes and you will be speaking to me personally and I’ll be helping you reflect/strategize to address the complex problems you are facing.


I invite you to take the first step and complete an application for a private strategy session.  Once I review your application you will be able to schedule a time with me to conduct your session – no strings attached.


Apply Now!

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