CoFounder Alignment Program

Like Marriage Counseling but For Cofounders

65% of startups fail due to co-founder conflict

Often, the co-founder relationship is the true make-it or break-it factor in being able to survive and thrive in the life of a startup.


It’s not just the idea, product or timing that sets a startup for success; it's the founding team. 

Having an executive team composed of high-impact, competent people does not mean they will have high-impact results as a team.

What makes founding teams successful is a deep alignment on important matters and an ability to grow together as your company scales and changes.





Cofounder Alignment Program is designed to ensure everybody in your founding team is aligned for maximum impact.

It provides:

  • the communication skills and mindset necessary for synergy

  • a structure for consistent alignment checks

  • a safe environment to address the high-importance/low-urgency crucial issues

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