Psychologist, MA

Certified Performance Consultant

Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach

Certified Motivational Coach

Licensed Neuro-linguistic Programming Master Practitioner

I'm passionate about helping my clients

  • Create companies with Positive Impact on its employees and on the world.​​​​

  • Perform better without compromising wellbeing. Burnout is a common issue among founders in the valley. Success is great but it doesn’t have much value if we are miserable. 

  • Create Alignment in the leadership team. I hold joint sessions with co-founders and/or executive teams to create alignment on the drivers of the business. 

  • Scale themselves as a leader while growing their company. Founders need to learn to be flexible and transform based on the new demands of the stage and pace of growth. I help them do more with less.

  • Collapse conscious and unconscious limiting beliefs that are at the root of ineffective leadership behavior and challenging emotional states.


Passion for translating psychology and neuroscience into workspace and leadership applications



25 years spent studying the human mind and behavior



Experience working with executives from all over the world 


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